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In My Dreams...

I will sever bonds with you - Yamato Nakano
 Genga, Shuusei, Screenshot, and Timing Sheet
The Scene: This scene happens almost in flashback while Ritsu explains to Soubi what the female Zero pair did to the male Zero pair. In the flashback, Yamato is looking pretty awful, almost tragic standing there in the rain, and Kouya raises her hands between them and the male Zeros, and she says in warning, "I will sever bonds with you and forge bonds with him."

Why?: Part of a stack of Loveless sets I picked up at Otakon, this set had the full correction by Nakayama Yumi on the top of the stack so I was a like yoink! This is probably the most emotionally charged piece in the stack I got, and I was quite happy with it. Sadly because they are sketch sets the rain sketches are probably lost forever.

About the Sketch Set: This set came with the corrected Genga and the full correction from Nakayama Yumi-sensei. She did quite a few full corrections for Loveless, and they all have this same sketchy quality, she also seemed to prefer the blue pencil and used a lot of different colors in her corrections to denote the shading.  The Genga, which is very close to the correction page, this is prolly the piece that went to the Dougaman to be cleaned up and scanned.
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