Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

I will take you down. - Soubi
Gengas, Copy Layout, and Screenshots
The Scene: After saying all the stuff in the previous piece before stealing a kiss from Ritsuka, Soubi pauses after being told to stop, looks up directly at Ritsuka, and says, "I will take you down."

Why?: *SQUEAK!* Such a great scene and there is just something so sexy about this almost non contact between them, Soubi can be such a gentleman ^_^. And Soubi looks like he is concentrating real hard on forging the bond between them as soon as possible. As it will be needed for what is coming for them...

About the Set: In this piece I have the main image the A3 he is saying I will take you down... which #^_^# And in the thumb below is the A2 where he is lifting his face up from Ritsuka's hand and looking up. I have attached the screenshot for the A3. ^_^

I particularly am impressed by the genga work for Loveless, it is quite colorful and lovely, and this set is a great addition. 

  1. Title 1
  2. Title 2