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Intimacy, A22 Douga - Yue and Toya 
Douga and Screenshot
  1. Douga
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The Scene: After Toya has agreed to transfer his power over to Yue. Yue tentatively places his hands on Toya and comes in close enough for a kiss... (douga) and instead holds him in a loose hug-type hold for the power transfer.

Why?: I'm a greedy wench... That is what it essentially comes down to. Although, it was good thing I went after these sequence mates the one I really wanted my matching sketch to the cel I own in this sequence went for a ridiculous amount of money during the three weeks of doom. I was just not going to pay it, but the two sequence mates around were a good consolation prize. I think it's actually kind of funny the placement of Yue in this place he looks strangely fascinated with Toya's chin which is hilarious!

About the Sketch: There is a but of paint stuck to Toya's chest causing me to believe that this piece was once stuck to it's cel, or the painter was careless which happens sometime. I've also seen sketches where they use the sketch to dab excess paint off of... which blah... This sketch also has the shading done on the back of the sketch. I'm assuming this is something that was done when they were still using cels so the shading would not photocopy on the cel, and the painter would know that those portions of the piece would need to be a slightly darker color. Because in my modern Dougas in shows they don't use cels they just shade on the front instead of the back... Might be an interesting thing to know...

Special Note!: Sensei has put together a list of all of the accompanying sequence mates currently known. Feel free to go check it out also his piece from this sequence Toya still has his eyes open ^_~