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Intimacy, A24 Cel - Yue and Toya
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The Scene: After Toya has agreed to transfer his power over to Yue. Yue tentatively places his hands on Toya and comes in close enough for a kiss... (cel) and instead holds him in a loose hug-type hold for the power transfer.

Why?: I have had the ultimate piece from this scene for over 10 years, and this year I added a piece from the lead in sequence. When this came up on YJ this fall there was some worry that the piece was cut. I took a chance on it, because I had not seen a cel from this sequence come up on the market since I came back. This episode has long been my nemesis, the prices never go down unless it remains unidentified. Which has happened only a handful of times, where I got lucky. I am obviously a fan of Yue, Toya, and Yukito they are where the bulk of my collection lay with the emphasis on both Yukito and Toya ^_^ 
What caused me to pick it up was that there was something about the intimacy of this piece that drew me in, Yue leaning in almost close enough to kiss, almost like a reverse Sleeping Beauty. In fact the power transfer itself happens in almost a hug-like pose. However the way he moves in the approaching sequence you would almost, almost think he was leaning in for a kiss. *squee*

About the Cel: The cel is in pretty good condition, the lines are very crisp and clean with no paint loss. The background that came with is a copy background, they are not stuck! ^_^ I have a feeling that the dealer who got this sequence initially made copies for every piece in the sequence. Just because there are so many copy backgrounds out there. I was however saddened that this particular cel did not come with it's matching douga, which leads me to believe the sketches were sold separately which tends to happen with some of the more important pieces.

Another interesting thing to note is that this sequence is labeled with an A instead of the B sequence the post-transfer cels are labeled. VERY interesting because I would argue the approach is just as important as what happens afterwards ^_~

Special Note!: Sensei has put together a list of all of the accompanying sequence mates currently known. Feel free to go check it out also his piece from this sequence Toya still has his eyes open ^_~