Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Introduce us! - Soubi
Shuuseis and Screenshot
The Scene: Soubi in his creepy/sweet stalky best meets Ritsuka at the gate after school, Soubi tells Ritsuka he missed him and Ritsuka gives him copies of the pictures they took yesterday. Seeing this Yuiko runs up to them, and says, "Who is he? Say, introduce him to me?" Ritsuka of course blows her off, telling her it is none of her business, but of course not to be denied Yuiko keeps pressing, while she is doing that we get this lovely closeup of Soubi's face which is scrumptious!

Why?: This was one of the pieces I knew I was getting in the inch of doom. I love the expression on his face, it is very happy and peaceful. Watching both Ritsuka and Yuiko acting energetic and young.

About the Genga Set: This set is comprised of two Shuusei, and you can see one of the animation directors on the peach/yellow paper, the details on the hair are all wring and his face is less curvey, and their is also less detail around the eyes. Then the other piece which I used as the main image comes on the green paper with the stamp, (I've mentioned this before) saying this: 総作監督, Sō-saku kantoku, which for some reason says means total work supervision.  So from the body of sketches I have gathered, all the green sketches are from Nakayama Yumi the style is similar and it is the same across all the episodes as Nakayama-sensei is the only director to be on all the episodes where the green paper corrections appear.  SO YAY! ^_^
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