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Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
Is it Touya? - Yukito
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The Scene: Sakura has just been rejected, but is somewhat comforted by the fact that Yukito has already found his "special someone." And through her pain she comes to a startling conclusion, "Is it Toya?" This cel is at the exact moment or his surprise, that she had guessed even with her definate rose-colored glasses view.

Why? Well when I initially took screenshots of this episode I'd decided I only wanted one of this sequence. It was this exact shot, Yukito completely surprised that Sakura had come to the correct conclusion on her own, once she got past her own feelings. I have obviously since changed my mind about only wanting one, lol it so nice to have small ambitions...

About the Cel: This is the perfect shot, the exact screen shot I took when I was making my wishlist for this episode. It doesn't hurt that on top of being exactly what I wanted it is also a key cel. Which would explain how well his complete shock comes off in his expression. The background on this cel is the original matching it was used for multiple shots in this scene I have added the new scan with the background which makes this piece all the more lovely. ^_^