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Is something wrong? - Toya, Douga A10 - Episode 70 
Douga and Screenshot
  1. Douga
  2. Screenshot
Sakura and Her True Feelings
Sakura to Hontou no Omoi

Air Date: 
March 21, 2000
Animation Director:  Fujita Mariko
The Scene: Toya and Yukito are busy having their wrap up scene to tie up all the loose ends, although I would argue that eppy 67 does a better job of tying up their story. I digress, anywho, Sakura comes in towards the end barely acknowledges them and goes upstairs, Yuki asks, "Is something wrong?" Toya replies with a series of expressions that have to be seen to be believed, worried, annoyed, and then sad, this cel I would say is in the annoyed spectrum as it is moving into sad.

Why?: Part of the three weeks of doom... A lot happened in the three weeks of doom! I really love this scene, it is the last one of the series for Toya/Yukito and it makes me real happy. There are a few in the second movie but not such a fan there...

About the Douga: Douga is oversized this one was not stuck to it's original cel either it has been flying free. It has been reunited with one of it's sequence buddies, but it is missing it's cel. *starts the hunt...*