Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Is there someone else... *nods* - Toya 
Layout, Background, and Screenshot
The Scene: I have always, always wanted a cel from this scene, however a layout with a matching background will do nicely. This scene is when Yoko confesses her love for Toya and he tells her that he loves someone else. I believe when I looked at the scene the layout and background is from the nod portion when he confirms for Yoko by nodding slightly that there is someone else. *coughs* Yuki!

About the Layout: The layout is quite lovely and I think the matching background is even lovelier and the yellows and purples of the setting against the blue sky are just amazingly beautiful.

Why? Again this is a wishlist for me, I have always wanted something from this scene. It is set beautifully in the setting sun and it really is the start of showing that the mostly unavailable Toya is quite available but only to that certain person. 
  1. Layout
  2. Background
  3. Screenshot