Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

It doesn't matter what you are.  As long as you don't disappear... - Yukito and Toya 
Cel and Screenshot
  1. Title 1
  2. Title 2
The Scene:  After Yukito doubts his humanity to the person he loves, his person responds in the best way possible, "It doesn't matter what you are.  As long as you don't disappear..."

Why?: Found at Otakon 2015 at the Cel Depot Booth for a very nice price.   What was found was only the Yukito layer.  However I had a Toya layer which I paired it with from earlier in the scene.  It's close but not a perfect match I will however keep an eye out for it!  ^_^  I have an eye, what can I say?  I really love this scene in the projection room.  It makes one wonder why Yukito hasn't figured out that Toya loves him, but boys are so dumb so times...  ^_^;;

About the Cel:  The only layer of the cel that is from this scene is the Yukito layer.  I do want the Toya layer and I hope that one day I will find it, but in the meantime I have given Yuki and Toya that can peek at him from the corner of his eye...  ^_~  There is very little line fading, in these sequences as they are all darkly lit, making use of the cooler and less reactive colors.