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Cel and Douga
It's Because I Look A Lot Like Fuitaka-sensei - Yukito 
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The Scene: Yukito has asked her to examine her feelings, and she comes to the conclusion that her feelings for Yuki are similiar to her feelings for father. Yuki gets down to her level to speak with her like an adult. (Cel) “It’s because I look a lot like Fujitaka-sensei,” he elaborated. “It’s not that I’m trying to treat you like a child and not to answer your feelings.”

Why? I know have a similiar one, this is actually from a different sequence earlier, where he is kneeling down. My goal is to eventually get one piece from each sentence, however we shall see how that goes.... I also have been trying to keep my eye out from the missing Sakura layer.

About the cel: This is not the matching background however it is a background that is from this episode that matches quite nicely. The cel itself is in lovely condition, very little line fading and the extreme shadows are just lovely.