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It's none of your business!!! - Usagi and Makoto - Episode 29 
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Total Chaos! The Messy Square Relationship
Daikonsen! Guchagucha koi no shikaku kankei

Air Date: 
November 21, 1992

Animation Director: Matsumoto Kiyoshi

Scene Summary: Usagi and Mako went to the game center to see Motoki. But they ran into Mamoru. Mamoru told them that Motoki only thought of them as younger sisters. Usagi got mad. She also told Mamoru that her name was not "odango atama". Then Usagi went inside. But Motoki was not there that day.

Why?: I LOVE this episode (despite the bad animation) And most of the funny cels from this episode make me laugh out loud. This cel is right before the infamous choking scene ^_^ And Usagi is telling Mamoru off (You GO Girl!)

About the cel: In pretty amazing condition for a first season cel - (minimal line fading). Unfortunately the bg doesn't match (I think it looks good with it though) but at least it isn't stuck ^_^ It came with the original Toei bag and sticker but I have since lost it because those Toei bags are so bad for the cels... they tend to wrinkle the paint and make sketches and bgs stick eww!!! 

Update!:  Was able to track down the cut sketch set!  With all the key gengas and partial corrections!  ^_^