Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

It's not that Ai and I did it. - Midori
Shuuseis and Screenshot
The Scene: There is a horrible scene the next day at school, and then Breathless comes after Ritsuka again, when Ritsuka asks Midori why they killed Seimei, Midori answers, "It's not that Ai and I did it." 

Why?: This came in the inch of sketches, while I enjoy a good rough. I am not that big a fan of Breathless as they come and go pretty quickly without leaving much of a mark. I want to say my fave adverseries would be the first Zero unit, as they stick around. I did not bother to merge the layer with Ai, as she is jumping on the table and it looks really silly with the Midori layer which is super serious, and very detailed.

About the Genga Set: The set comes with 4 sketches 2 of Ai and 2 of Midori, one full shuusei and one partial correction for each, these just fix somethings with shadows, expressions, and drapery on the clothing nothing really major.
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