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It's Soubi! Beloved died and he's still alive! - Breathless
Shuusei, Manga Page, and Screenshot
The Scene: After the fight, and a quick but lovely scene between Ritsuka and Soubi. The scene cuts to the mysterious person who sent Breathless and Breathless themselves. Long story short, Ai is mad because Soubi fought them, and with a different sacrifice. She believes he dishonours all the other fighters who stay "true" to their names.

Why?: Most of my Loveless sketches have been deliberate buys, and not on the cheap side either. So I had been eyeing a few sets that were up on Yahoo Japan for a while, and I finally broke down in bought one... What came back was an inch of new paper material that I had to sort through! There are still some pieces that I have just no idea where they go, as I have not finished screenshotting Loveless yet! This is one of these pieces... 

About the Genga Set: This genga set is comprised of 5 sketches, 3 of Ai, 1 of Midori, 1 of both of them and the Feather that floats across the screen. All are done on the peach paper, that the Ai sketch was done on, using 3 different colored pencils and a regular pencil. 

Also this scene as far as the blocking of Midori and Ai are pretty spot on, they are holding hands and in similiar positions for it! I love how even the BG they chose almost mirrors the special effects that Yun Kouga uses in the scene...
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