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It turned into a real fight... Sighs... - Minako, Artemis, Ami, Luna, and Makoto - Episode 43
Is Usagi Going it Alone? The Sailor Warriors Get Into a Big Fight
Usagi ga koritsu? Sērā Senshi-tachi no ōgenka

Air Date: 
February 6, 1993

Animation Director: Tamegai Katsumi

The Scene: The Senshi are meeting at Rei's temple and having a spirited discussion about what the next move should be, things are heating up with the dark kingdom. Of course it then turns into a fight between Usagi and Rei this is the rest of the groups reaction... LOL ^_^

Why?: LOL it came with one of my Sailor Jupiter cels, however it was not from the same episode. So I was stumped and so was everyone else... but my lil' sis figured it out! It comes from a great scene! 

About the Sketch: Sketch is in great condition, has all kinds of neat little notes on it. ^_^ 
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