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Jupiter!! - Sailor Moon - Episode 55
  1. Cel
Is Seijuro the Moonlight Knight? Mako-chan Falls in Love
Tsukikage wa Seijūrō? Moeru Mako-chan

Air Date: 
May 22, 1993

Animation Director: Itou Ikuko
The Scene: Makoto has been attacked and Moon and Mercury come to the rescue, Mercury gets Makoto away so she can henshin and Moon gets beat up, I mean distracts the MOtD... Makoto Henshins and when Moon see's Jupiter she calls out to her happily.

Why?: I adore this episode this is going to be a lot like my fave episodes in CCS I am johnny on the spot with IDing and I have a small obssession... Moon looks super cute and relieved.

About the Cel: The layers are completely unstuck however the bottom layer is shellacked to the background, but original matching so not removing. The lines on this piece are epic for a second season SM cel.