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Just a Regular Old Man - Koumyou 
Layout, Original BG, and Screenshot
The Scene: After Ken'yuu attacked Goudai Sanzo over his choice of successors, he's in lockup contemplating the moon and he feels Koumyou's presence...

Ken'yuu: Who the hell are you anyway? You're strength is something else. 

Koumyou: Come now, I'm just a regular old man. 

Ken'yuu: "Regular" old men don't have ponytails.

I had to add in this last line of Ken'yuu's it just cracks me up ^_^

Why? Another one of my surprise additions, to my Saiyuki collection. I love the smile on his face, and when he says he's just a regular old man I just have to laugh ^_^

About the Layout: In better shape than some of the other sketches I got with this purchase. There is of course some damage near the register holes. I was on a positive note able to remove all the tape from this sketch without causing further damage. 
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