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Kyah! - Makoto and Bonbon Baddy - SuperS Movie 
Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Super S: The Nine Sailor Soldiers Unite! Miracle of the Black Dream Hole 
Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn Sūpāzu: Sērā Kyū Senshi Shūketsu! Burakku Dorīmu Hōru no Kiseki?
美少女戦士セーラームーンSuperS セーラー9戦士集結!ブラック・ドリーム・ホールの奇跡 

Release Date: 
December 23, 1995

Animation Director: Kagawa Hisashi
The Scene: The scouts have all followed Chibi-usa to rescue her from the baddies once they do the bad guys send their minions the Bonbon Badies which get a few good whacks in while the Senshi are untransformed. Well except for Makoto who holds her's in place until she has to push the darn thing away to henshin! (cel)

Why?: This was a Christmas present from a family member... She has known for years I have coveted a cel from this sequence there is just something fierce about Juppy's expression. I also have an obsession with the Jean Jacket Puffy skirt combo there is just something so Jupiter about it! Now I just need to find a good one of the puffy skirt, LOL!

About the Cel: Not a key cel and the pushing movement goes so fast I couldn't get a screen shot. However this is a great piece in a very short sequence I am assuming as the movement is crazy fast! This cel came with a lovely matching sketch, and is in excellent condition with very little line fading due to the darker colors. 
  1. Cel
  2. Douga
  3. Screenshot