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Ladies, why are you so thirsty for blood? - Soubi
 Early Rough, Copy Layout, Gengas, Shuuseis, Dougas, and Screenshot
The Scene: So Soubi is waiting patiently for Ritsuka after school by the school gates like he always does and he senses a presence, the second pair of Zeros approaches. He walks up to them and says, "Ladies, why are you so thirsty for blood?"

Why?: So this is one of those sporadic sets that show up on YJ intermittently I quite enjoy getting a bargain so when this set came up I was like yoink! 

It also helps that Soubi looks very scrumptious here, and when I popped open the set there were two corrections from Nakayama Yumi-sensei... So I am super squeey about it! ^_^ I am also super amused by alpha protective Soubi when he can be so submissive at other times, his character definitely has an interesting internal dynamic. That can be very contrary at times.

About the Set: This is a very large set of sketches the number is basically just a guesstimate as there are several corrections, roughs, gengas as well as all the matching dougas.   I have also included the GIF of the dougas reanimating him talking is beyond my capabilities.

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