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Let's each do our best! - Yukito - Episode 34 
Cel, Douga, Color Copy Layout, and Screenshot
Sakura and Yukito, and the Midday Moon
Sakura to Yukito to Hiru no Tsuki
Air Date:  December 22, 1998
Animation Director:  Fujita Mariko

The Scene: Li shot Sakura a dark look, who cringed. "Are you entering with him?"

Before she could nerve herself to reply in the affirmative, Yukito had returned and was fixing Li with a brilliant smile.
"Are you entering? Let's each do our best." (cel)

A flush of crimson blossomed across Li's face, and he darted away to cover his embarrassment. 

Why?: LOL so I was watching this one I had a vague idea where it was from, and I wasn't sure if I wanted but I figured... hey original background right? Bid the minimum and if you win yay! If not, no biggy! So when I won I was well let's find the scene! And boy was it a jewel of a find, I also as I have mentioned before, I have a HUGE crush on Yukito's smile! And was really happy with the scene, I am very amused when both Sakura and Li fight over Yukito, it's super adorable ^_^

About the Cel: Cel is in pretty excellent condition, there is some of that crazy line disintegration which is for some reason I have only seen in CCS cels and nowhere else. Of course I only collect from a few series, but I can honestly say I've never seen it anywhere else at least... The disintegration seems to be happening where line fading typically happens in the warmer colors like the pink and dark pink of his jacket shirt combo. The cel is, as you can see missing the layer of people in the background, and the background is a copy of the original background and layout because the cel came with a copy layout, and a copy background which leads me to believe a seller broke them up and sold the layout/background separately. Annoying! But at least someone had the foresight to make a copy so all is not lost. The setup is lovely and the image is quite nice as it is the last cel in the sequence. Love it!
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