Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Let's Make Our Dreams Come True Together! - Princess Serenity - Episode 166 
Cel and Screenshot
Dreams Forever! Light Throughout the Sky
Yume yo itsumademo! Hikari, ten ni michite
夢よいつまでも!光, 天に満ち

Air Date: 
March 2, 1996

Animation Director: Ikuko Itō
The Scene: The final episode of SuperS, one of the most poignant Mother/Daughter scenes in Sailor Moon, except for maybe one more... *coughs* Stars *coughs* Nehelenia has thrown Super Sailor Chibi-moon off the remains of the dark circus, and Super Sailor Moon jumps off after her, finally able to catch up to her once she transforms into Princess Serenity. After screaming at her to wake up, multiple times, she finally says... "Let's become adults, and let's make our dreams come true together!" Then she wakes up, (cel of Princess Serenity's reaction)

Why?: It's kind of hard to justify this purchase to myself, there are several princesses that I secretly want... However, she is generally out of my price range. So it has to take a mother of a deal for me to even think about it. This is a lovely piece and I am privileged to have it.

About the Cel: One of my favorite things about this cel is that the tear layer is not stuck! Another thing of note is that all the layers match the only thing missing is the layer with Sailor Chibi-moon's hair. I love the expression on her face, and as always I am a sucker for a happy ending. 

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