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Like I said... inappropriately sexy... (Part Two) - Soubi and Ritsuka
Gengas and Screenshot
The Scene: During the battle, Ritsuka gets a choke chain as well as Soubi. Ritsuka tells him to continue on, and Soubi grabs onto the chain and pulls Ritsuka to him. Leading up to this rather erm... intense moment, Soubi goes in VERY close and says, I love you, Ritsuka." Then swoops in for a spine tingling kiss...

Why?: *is fangirl goo* Someone get me a bucket!

About the Genga Set: This set includes, 3 sketches of Soubi further away right before he swoops in for the kiss, right before he kisses Ritsuka, and the final kiss, then there is one Ritsuka Sketch with Soubi's hand around his neck, and there is a final merged sketch with both Soubi and Ritsuka on it that is the main image here. In the extra image thingies, I have the missing two Soubis by themselves without the Ritsuka layer, he looks almost innocent mid swoop, and then at peace during the kiss itself. Ritsuka of course looks completely gobsmacked of course this not the first time this has happened to him of course. Less colors were used in these extra sketches in comparison with the two merged pieces earlier in the cut, but the pieces are still extremely beautiful and detailed please take a look.
Sequence Buddies: There are quite a few people who have been able to gather some matching pieces from this cut they are below...  The Ardent Heart has one of the final Douga.  Gecko Blue has the final Douga from the Soubi pictured here.  Drakonia has another one of the Rilezu's from this cut as well GAH!
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