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Love... - Soubi Picture 
Gengas and Screenshot
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The Scene: At the end of the episode which ends in the psychiatrist office much like it began, Ritsuka is sitting on the couch going through his "memories" with Soubi from the day before. He is saying "Love, love, love" And he stops at this lovely shot of Soubi.

Why?: At first it was just a little buy that I wasn't too sure where it was from but with the way my Loveless acquisitions have been going most things have been coming from Episodes 1 and 2. So when I did find it, I was like *squee* such a great little scene which will go nicely with some of the other stuff I have gotten from this episode.

I also like that Ritsuka is still questioning the way that Soubi throws the L-word around yet still undoubtedly means it each time. 

About the Set: The set came with a full sketch of Soubi's picture, as well as the camera, and several partials of Ritsuka's hands. All Gengas, there were no Dougas. The Soubi sketch, was the only new picture that was created for this episode. The other two that Ritsuka flips through in the sequence were all from the photoshoot in episode 1, so this rather sweet picture of Soubi was created specifically for this scene.