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Loveless: Episode 1 - Breathless
Air Date: April 7, 2005

Animation Directors:  Iizuka Haruko and Hino Takafumi

Episode One, Breathless, sets the stage to the very complex world of Loveless. I have been VERY lucky in my acquisitions of the first two episodes. These two episodes have some of the prettiest sketchwork I have ever seen. Particularly the Genga and Correction work.

I do not have a lot of Dougas as a lot of Loveless was made into Rilezus and I believe that most of the Rilezus would come with their matching douga, I have not yet acquired any, as of yet, but I can assure everyone I am keeping an eye out. In the meantime I spend a lot of time stalking eBay and YJ for Loveless. Some of it ends up being very reasonably priced some of it is scary.

Anywho I have a serious digression problem here... ^_^;; What sums the first episode up for me in particular is this quote from Ritsuka, "If we don't take pictures you'll forget about me. Pictures come First. You'll forget I even existed."

The episode opens with rumors of a new student starting that day, there we get introduced to the main protagonist, who looks to be the normal sullen teenager, and the bubbly innocent girl that will befriend him. We are introduced to Ritsuka's Virginal Teacher Shinonome-Sensei, who has no idea what to with her body and her adult feelings.

And then after the disaster of his first day at a new school. He meets Soubi, and so it starts...