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Loveless: Episode 10 - Nameless
Air Date: June 8, 2005
Animation Directors: Aisaka Naoki
This episode is the culmination of the final battle with the older Zero unit, I have not picked up any other characters from this episode except for Yamato, I came across a clutch of art that a dealer has at Otakon and was able to pick up this stack then.  As she is my favorite of the pair, and quite entertaining, I was super pumped.  ^_^  I of course would love to find some Soubi and Ritsuka from this episode, and will definitely keep an eye out for it.
This episode only had one animation director, Aisaka Naoki, who also directed Episode 4.  He also had a Character Designer credit to his name before working on Loveless, the team of Animation directors were highly talented, whoever put this team together chose animators that were highly experienced many with character design credits to their name and are still working in the industry to this day.  Aisaka-sensei was the Character Designer for Angelium OVA (2004) before working on Loveless, and went on to be a Chief Animation Director after Loveless.