Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Loveless: Episode 12 - Endless
Air Date:  June 29, 2005
Animation Directors: Nakayama Yumi and Iwakura Kazunori
I adore this episode, it is another one of those dream-like episodes where you are stuck in the main characters worse nightmare.  It however is not based on anything in the manga unlike the previous episodes.  This is mostly based on the foreshadowing in the manga and anime and what had been published to date, but most of this episode comes entirely from the imagination of the screenwriter, Yuji Kawahara.   As series had caught up to where Yun Kouga had left off at that point.  Loveless is STILL ongoing to this date and there is no end in site although Yun Kouga has promised us there are only a couple of volumes left...  It will probably be YEARS before she is finished.  And let's just say the last volume was maybe half storyline and the other half filler, Yun Kouga is the main reason I will not read a Manga any longer until it is finished.
Another interesting thing about this episode is that the Animation Directors for the episode were Chief Animation Director, Nakayama Yumi and Character Designer Iwakura Kazunori.  To date sadly I have only been able to acquire two sets from this episode and from the looks of the sets they seem to have mostly come from the pen of Iwakura-sensei.  But I cannot make that determination yet until I have gotten more art.