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Loveless: Episode 2 - Memoryless
Air Date: April 13, 2005

Animation Directors:  Ishii Yumiko and Matsukawa Tetsuya

Episode Two, spends more time on the budding relationships after the world building that happens in episode one. I have been VERY lucky in my acquisitions of the first two episodes. These two episodes have some of the prettiest sketchwork I have ever seen. Particularly the Genga and Correction work.

About the episode, Soubi sent away Breathless but he didn't defeat them, to do that he will need a more active sacrifice, and their bond will have to be stronger.  The entire episode is mostly focused on relationships and Ritsuka's up to now inability to connect with people outside of his memory of Semei.  The episode opens and ends in Dr. Katsuko's office, and their conversations are VERY interesting, however in between, we find out Ritsuka's mother beats him, he starts to work out his budding friendship with Yuiko, he connects further with Soubi, and he finds out the 'name' of who killed his brother.  It is a dense episode to say the least.  With dark and light themes and all the in betweens.
My favorite quote comes towards the end of the episode from Dr. Katsuko which sums it up for me, "To love somebody, it's difficult if you don't love yourself as you are now."
As for our animation directors, Matsukawa Tetsuya had done some Animation direction before working on Loveless and since then has become an Assistant Chief Animation Director, and character animator.  Ishii Yumiko the other Director, now has two Chief Animation Director credits to her name and multiple Animation Director credits since Loveless.