Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Loveless: Episode 7 - Tearless
Air Date:  May 19, 2005
Animation Directors: Matsukawa Tetsuya
This episode starts in the middle of Soubi fighting the first Zero pair, who feel no pain.  It's interesting this episode because Soubi purposely keeps Ritsuka away from the battle by ignoring his call.  He also gets pretty severely injured and lies to Ritsuka about it, I'm pretty sure it's to protect him as Ritsuka could get injured fighting as the Sacrifice in the Loveless pair.  Yet he beats the Zero pair and ends up taking care of them, they who injured him and would have hurt Ritsuka.  Soubi is full of these contradictions it's what makes watching this so very interesting.
Matsukawa-san also co-directed episode 2, Nakayumi-sensei put together a talented team of directors to churn out the 12 episodes of Loveless that exist.   I don't know much to say about the way this episode was done as I only have the one set but hopefully I will be able to pick up more as I go along.