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Loveless: Episode 9 - Skinless
Air Date: June 1, 2005
Animation Directors: Nakajima Yoshiko
This episode spends almost the entire time dealing with the aftermath of Soubi's choice to fight 100% alone against the Older Zero pair against Ritsuka's orders.  It also serves as a bit of exposition of what is actually going on and what is lacking or what will be as Soubi and Ritsuka connect further in their roles as Sacrifice and Fighter.
This episode only had one animation director, Nakajima Yoshiko, who also directed Episode 9.  She also had a Character Designer credit to her name before working on Loveless, the team of Animation directors were highly talented, whoever put this team together chose animators that were highly experienced many with character design credits to their name and are still working in the industry to this day.  Nakajima-sensei was the Character Designer for Papuwa (2004) before working on Loveless, and is still working as an Animation Director to this day.