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Matsubara Hidenori - Animazement 2015 - Nagisa Kaworu (Evangelion) 
Matsubara-san, was one of the major Japanese guests for Animazement. A little bit about him, as a character designer, illustrator, and animation director, Matsubara-san worked previously for GAINAX in it's heyday as a Key Animator. He now works for Khara Corp. He is best known for his character design work on Ah, My Goddess! and Sakura Wars, he also served as one of the art directors and designers for the new Evangelionmovies. 

Many of his other credits include Perfect Blue (Key Animator),Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (Character Designer, Layout Designer, Storyboard, Animation Direction, Key Animator... etc.), Nadia: Secret of Blue Water, Otaku no Video (Animation Director), and numerous others. To see credits of his full body of work, please check out anidbhere!

A little bit about the story behind the sketch, they paired Matsubara-san with a producer from One Piece, the poor guy was really quick with his signature and Matsubara-san was so slow and deliberate, he would write out the characters for his name and draw an adorable little cat. One of the Animazement minions, was yelling if you wanted a sketch you had to get his sig and go to the back of the line. So we did, I knew about his work on Eva, and I have always wanted get my hands on something of Kaworu as he is my favorite character in Eva.

I think he was a little bit happily surprised because most people were asking for sketches of the lovely ladies he has worked on, including but not limited to, Bell Dandy, Skuld, Asuka, and Rei.

Also at this stage in the game, I was low on Shikishi. So I was like you know what, why not just ask him to draw Kaworu around his sig and there is no need for him to write out the characters so painstakingly again! ^_~

Anywho I don't know if you can tell but I am just tickled pink about this! All it really cost me was a little bit of time, and I was more than happy to wait patiently. 

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