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Maki Murakami Autograph - Otakon 2007
Maki Murakami Autograph - Otakon 2007
Otakon 2007, was the first Otakon when I made a concerted effort to get autographs and was successful. 

Me and my little buddy, were determined to get Maki's Autograph.

She did several sessions, but we figured the best one to make the attempt was the Sunday morning session. As everyone tends to stay up super late to party Saturday night. We got there when they opened the doors and were able to secure spots 12 and 13 in line. 

Part of the rules where you could not take pictures per her request. And she would not do any sketches. So I decided the best thing to do would be to bring the X-rated Doujin she had done during the PG-13 cannon version of Gravitation. 

She was shocked that I had it, as everyone else had brought the Engish Manga or the DVDs... The cutest thing ever was when she realized what it was she blushed bright red, and then giggled. 

Another interesting thing, and I did not know this, is that when you bring a book for signing the artist will always sign on the title page. However I requested the cover, I thought only fitting she sign her lovely art work, but apparently this seems odd to the Japanese. She asked me twice if I was sure, I hope that I did not offend her, because to me it just seemed to make sense to me as she is the original artist. 

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