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My Spider Sense is Tingling... - Toya - Episode 53
Cel, BG, and Screenshot
  1. Cel
  2. BG
  3. Screenshot
Sakura and the Panicky Bike
Sakura to Panikku Jitensha

Air Date: 
October 19, 1999

Animation Director:  Hasebe Atsushi
The Scene: After a nice afternoon of chores with Eriol, Sakura and her father are having dinner. Toya comes in early from his part time job (one of many) Fujitaka asks if he is staying for dinner he replies he's just in to grab something real quick and then he has to go. Toya then notices that Eriol had done something to his bike this is the eye narrowing, my spider senses are tingling close up ^_^.

Why?: This was a Christmas present from my Lil Sis! ^_^ It is not something I would normally buy for myself, but that is the magic of Christmas sometimes you get surprised! So things I love about this piece, this is the only appearance of Toya and or Yukito in the entire episode! ^_^ Yukito does not show at all and Toya only shows up briefly in this scene. I adore the little circley/abstracty/moderny painting in the background it's almost like a mini Kandinsky. ^_^ I scanned a very nice close up in the thumbs, so take a look see. ^_^ Also it is an A1End *does happy gloaty dance*

About the Cel: This is the last cel in the sequence, a B6End, A1End, the Face and Shoulders are the A1End the Eyes and the bangs are the only thing that move on the B layers. Comes with the original matching background identifying that it was used in cuts 63 through 65.