Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Cel and Screenshot
Mysterious Power - Sakura
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The Scene: After the adorable scene in the market between her and Yukito, she senses something she has only sensed in dreams so far, oh and the well the day before. She follows it to a bookstore, where she finds a mysterious book, and the room fills with water, she is sensing the Sorceress's magic...

Why?: I adore weirdly colored cels, although they are generally more expensive, one because cels only change the characters colors for key scenes, and they just look cool ^_^ So when this piece came up on YJ for a very decent price I was super excited! Part of the great thing I have been noticing about the movie one cels, is that rarely is the whole cel used in the shot. If you take a look at the screen shot, which is exact, you can see that you lose the adorable wings on her backpack and the top of her head.

About the Cel: The cel did not come with the matching sketch, but it is numbered B47. I am unsure why it is numbered with the B, as there are no other characters on the piece, unless there is a special effects layer I am missing but I can't see anything in the screenshot. It could be like the Power Transfer sequence, they numbered it with a B, because of the importance of the sequence, and a more senior animator put it together. Speculations abound ^_^.