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NOOO! I don't want you to disappear! - Sakura, Yue, and Kerobos - Episode 69 
Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
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Sakura and the Appearance of Clow Reed
Sakura to arawareta Clow Reed 

Air Date: 
March 14, 2000
Animation Director:  Takahashi Kumiko
The Scene: This scene is a pivotal scene in the second to last episode of CCS. Sakura has already tried to change Light and Dark in to Sakura Cards twice it has not worked. Kerobos and Yue offer an alternative to that. They will join the with the staff, but Sakura only has one chance to change them otherwise they will sleep forever in the staff. Sakura screams, "NOO! NO, I WON'T LET YOU. If I can't do it I'll never see neither of you again... nooo..." 

This cel happens right after Yue reaches over to touch her shoulder and offer comfort, however unusual that is for the reserved Yue.

Why?: Such a beautiful scene I love her instant reaction to their offer, it is so Sakura. The way she wants to protect her friends and family. The cel also has a bonus of being beautiful and it fully covers the acetate, also it came with an original matching bg. ^_^

About the Cel: Not a key cel but a striking image indeed. It came with the original matching background and sketch. The detail in her eye is stunning, and I love the melancholy feel to this cel the darkness suits it. One of the 8 cels I was able to pry away from a fellow collector during an offer period.

Sequence Buddies: Gecko Blue has the lovely A1 at the start of the sequence!