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Not my lucky day... - Duo - Episode 19 
Cel and Screenshot
Assault on Barge
Baruji Kyōshū

Air Date: 
August 11, 1995
Animation Director:  Sakuma Shin`ichi and Waragai Hitoshi

The Scene: Duo has escaped to space, after Heero's self destruct, and Oz finds him pretty quickly, but due to the fact that Deathscythe is not space ready he loses the battle, and tries to self destruct like Heero, little does he know when he whacks that button that it had been disabled. When he doesn't self destruct, he looks ruefully down and says "Not my lucky day... Or maybe... I am lucky..." (cel)

Why?: I have made it my personal goal to start working on my Gundam Wing gallery again, it has been frustrating because the market dried up long ago, and my two favorite characters Duo and Heero come up few and far between. Also it doesn't help that the competition for Heero is so fierce, I rarely acquire him because of my practicality... However when Duo comes up he seems to stay very reasonable. So when this came up on Mandarake back in January I bid my max and then just let it do what it was going to do. Luckily, I won it and when I found the scene, I could not help but snicker at the irony... Duo's luck and my luck seem to have intertwined here ^_^;;

About the Cel: This piece is an in between it is not key and I would prolly kill to get the pan at the start of the sequence but you know... *see above* There is the typical line fading you see in a 20 year old cel, but his expression is fierce and rueful at the same time and still very visible. The sketch was at one time stuck to the cel as you can see some surface paint residue on the sketch, but otherwise a great piece! ^_^ 
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