Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Nothing... - Ritsuka
Shuuseis and Screenshot
The Scene: After a quick recap of episode 1, in which they reuse some very lovely cuts. The screen cuts to a an office type setting pans up a large bookcase, and cuts to a moody shot of Ritsuka in the dark looking very dazed, a voice asks him from the darkness, "What's wrong?" and he of course in the vein of every moody pre-teen ever... "Nothing."

Why?: This is one of the pieces I knew I was getting with that inch of sketches. I loved the almost dead look in Ritsuka's eye here, and the moody darkness in general. The quality of this piece while rough is definitely high!

About the Genga Set: Some technical hooha... So first of all because my scanner hates me the first image is on green paper with a stamp at the top, saying this: 総作監督, Sō-saku kantoku, which for some reason says means total work supervision? What is interesting about this is when you add one character to the middle of these characters it means Chief Animation Director. I would posit this sketch came directly the Chief Animation director herself Nakayama Yumi.  And the yellow corrections came from one of the animation directors.

The green correction is labeled A3, and the prior piece which has not been numbered is on the peach genga paper so many of my other sketches is on, and the roundness of the eye is off almost distractedly so, take a look see! 
  1. Title 1
  2. Title 2
  3. Title 3