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You have enough allowance for that? - Toya - Episode 61 
Douga and Screenshot
  1. Douga
  2. Screenshot
Sakura and Card and Present
Sakura to ka-do to present

Air Date:
December 21, 1999
Animation Director:  Takeda Yoshihiro
The Scene: Toya has just dropped off Sakura, and he gets to homeroom and Yuki is already there passed out on his desk. After shaking him several times, Yuki finally notices Toya all up in his personal space *squee* And wishes him a good morning.

Why? There was another of this sequence that came up in the three weeks of doom 2015... The other one I lost i was not willing to pay more than $100 for a sketch, so I really wanted to go after this one. Luckily the one I lost must have satisfied the other bidder because I was able to pick this one up for a decent price ^_^

I know nothing has to really be said here I adore this episode something fierce. This scene just makes me all happy, the situation is rapidly deteriorating mostly due to Nakuru's and Eriol's interference with Sakura and Toya. Poor Yukito looks particularly in this episode at the end of his rope.

About the Douga: This sketch was at one time stuck to it's matching cel. You can tell this by the paint rubbings stuck to his bangs, it is very slight and does not affect the image at all. I would also love to get my hands on the cel of course. Patience will tell though especially with CCS.