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Once upon a time in a far away land... - Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon - Episode 35
Cel and Screenshot
Memories Return! Usagi and Mamoru's Past
Yomigaeru kioku! Usagi to Mamoru no kako

Air Date:
 December 5, 1992

Animation Director: Nakamura Akira

The Scene: Right after the confrontation, when Kunzite takes both Zoisite and Mamoru away... The girls decide to try and get a way with a passed out Princess/Sailor Moon/Usagi... After Usagi wakes up Luna and Artemis tell the story of the Moon Kingdom, this cel happens while the story is being told Jupiter keeping close to Sailor Moon trying to keep her from falling apart...

Why?: There are two cels from this episode that I want, and this is one of them. The episode overall is pretty poorly animated, however plotwise it is very important to the overall arc and the beginning of the end of the season. Everything from here on out leads up to the final confrontation.

About the cel: Has very little line fading for a first season cel. I think it might have to do with the fact that the layers are not stuck at all! The first layer their bodies and Jupiter's eyes are not stuck!! Color me surprised and amused!! ^_^ I am also tickled pink that the main layer is A1End! Meaning it is the only one! Teehee! 
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