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Pegasus, where are you? - Grown-up Chibiusa - Episode 158 
Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
The Secret of the Pegasus! The Handsome Guardian of the Dream World
Pegasasu no himitsu! Yume sekai wo mamoru bishōnen

Air Date: 
December 23, 1995

Animation Director: Mamoru Kurosawa
The Scene: After Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon have switched bodies, Chibi Moon now big and Moon Chibi ^_~ Chibiusa goes up to her room to see where Pegasus might have gone because he did not respond to the Twinkle Yell! While they were fighting PallaPalla! So she is looking at the Pegasus orby music boxy thingy and looking sad asking why he did not appear when they called?

Why?: Here's the thing I have a love/hate relationship with Chibiusa. When I was first introduced to SM it was through the horrifying english version don't even get me started! They made Chibiusa damn near hateable, but in the Japanese version she is much easier to take and you learn to love her for all her faults. She much reminds me of my little cousin whom I love very much. There a few Chibi-moon cels that are on my mental wishlist, and they are more generic wishes, not episode specific. I always wanted one of the adult Chibiusa, however I did not want to die paying for it. So when a friend of mine said hey Jade, I'm thinning out my collection, want some? I paid her original cost which was in the budget. It was really funny too cause I was watching the episode to get a screen shot and I did not realize how poorly animated adult Chibiusa is I feel like I found quite the diamond in the rough it is quite lovely and her expression is sad, but lovely all the same.

About the cel: The cel has the normal line fading although it came with a non-matching background, which bled through extensively on her cheeks it is hard to see mostly cause it scans exceptionally well, but it is still there. Someone had removed the background at some point to make sure that there was no further damage, although there is still paint from the background stuck to it so that might worsen over time. In the meantime I have added some microchamber paper in the hopes that, that will halt some of that progress.
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