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Please stop it! I don't want to lose anymore important people! - Galaxia and Eternal Sailor Moon - Episode 199 
Cel and Award
The Light of Hope! Final Battle for the Galaxy
Kibō no Hikari! Ginga wo kaketa saishū kessen

Air Date: 
February 1, 1997

Animation Director: Michiaki Sugimoto
The Scene: The Starlights are attacking Galaxia and they are out of energy just completely tapped out, and as Galaxia is going in for the final blow, Eternal Sailor Moon gets between them and says, "Please stop it! I don't want to lose anymore important people!"

Why?: I have an impulse problem. It has been the year for me to pick up some of my first ESMs I have always put my Sailor Moon wishlist to the wayside because Jupiter, and one of my collecting buddies gets first dibs on SM. So when she was like meh, to this piece I was like squee!! Mine! *snuggles cel*

About the Cel: This is most likely an A1End as this cel was cut. This happens a lot with Toei cels, many were cut to fit into A4 frames, and they were thrown into bins to be sold. So when this piece was shot ESM and Galaxia do not move at all, she slides into the frame in a gliding motion, this was most likely accomplished by moving the ESM layer incrementally while the Galaxia stayed static. Also a good indicator this is real, is 1-the original matching background, and the 2-the cut number at the top of the cel putting this cut at 191, happening sometime towards the end of the episode. 

Award:  This cel was entered into the 2016 Anime-Beta Cel contest in the Heroic Category, and was able to place second.  i was always a little iffy on how you would display heroism through a cel, but if there was ever time she was heroic it's when she puts herself between evil and the people she loves. Thanks to Brandon_T for the awards creation!   ^_^
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