Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Cel and Screenshot
Pre-pounce - Toya & Yukito
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The Scene: Yukito is having a morning conversation with Toya talking about how yummy the porridge was this morning just talking quietly to each other, I must say Yukito's smile is practically glowing and then... they are pounced on, this cel is just before Li's sisters attack! Eek!
Why? Toya + Yukito + Matching outfits = LOVE need I say more? Well, I could comment on the beatific smile on Yukito's face he is *glowing* here... I'm just saying, draw your own conclusions... 

About the cel: Only one layer they are together on the same layer and the cel is in excellent condition. There are also very few nice cels of them together in these outfits they are either going to be in this sequence or they are going to be funny cels with the crazy sisters attacking!