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Princess, somehow... Please save our future and Chibi-usa-chan! - Super Sailor Saturn - Episode 172
Cel, Page from Doujinshi, and Screenshot
Hell Demon Battle! Love Will Prevail
Ai yue ni! Hateshinaki makai no tatakai

Release Date: 
May 4, 1996

Animation Director: Miho Shimogasa
The Scene:

Saturn gets between Nehelenia and Chibi-moon, she threatens to use her final attack to destroy her, Nehelenia says she will die too if she uses the attack. Saturn reminds her and the audience that this is her destiny, resigned she attacks with an extreme close up on her face she thinks, "Princess, somehow... Please save our future and Chibi-usa-chan!" (cel)

Why?: I knew when I entered in to this payment plan, the minute I post this cel a bomb will go off... Well maybe I am exaggerating a little... erm... Maybe not... This was bought in a blockbuster deal with several other cels from a private collector whom I have known almost as long as I have been collecting. For privacy purposes, they asked not to be identified, however I did want to thank them publicly for allowing me to purchase this piece. I have always wanted a Sailor Saturn as she is my sign scout, but I have never been able to score one on auction. So when they were like, Jade... I have more stuff for you, would you like to make an offer I was like @[email protected] *squeaks* YES!

I guess the adage is right go big or go home, this is probably the best I could hope for in my first Sailor Saturn! And in the last couple years I have been able to add at least one piece of everyone of her her forms except for regular Saturn! Which to me is just amazing!

I am very pumped also because this is from a key scene in Sailor Stars and one of the few Saturns that I would count on my wishlist if I ever made a Saturn wishlist, which I am not going to, I am not a masochist! :P But I love how intensely she looks at Nehelenia while fighting! And the coloring is crazy beautiful so much better in person! ^_^

About the Cel:  I cannot say enough good things about this cel, it is beautiful there is some line fading in the warmer colors of her skin.  The lines in her are and eyes are generally crisp and clean.  The details are just gorgeous, I have also attached the page from the doujin put together by the Animation  Directors of SM crediting this key sequence to the animation director Miho Shimogasa, as well as the matching screenshot.
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