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Problematic Super Saiya-jin - Goku - Episode 53 
Cel and Screenshot
Nothing but Goosebumps! The Handsome Warrior Zarbon's Devilish Transformation
Hotondo Torihada! Bisenshi Zābon no Akuma no Henshin

Air Date:
 June 27, 1990
Animation Director:  Masayuki Uchiyama

The Scene: Freezer has just sent Zarbon to hunt down Vegeta and bring him back, as well as call the Ginyu Force to Namek to help take care of problem. Here is the speech:

The Saiya-jins do indeed appear to have a fathomless battle power ensconced within them. Everytime they do battle, it rises greatly. Naturally, there is no way that it can stand against me, but when considering the future, I must nip it in the bud now. It would be problematic if one were to become a "Super" Saiya-jin, after all. 

After that awe inspiring speech, the camera pans over to a snoring, drooling Goku ^_~

Why?: It's hard to articulate my love for Goku in all his clueless lovable forms, including snoring drooling and sleeping on the floor. ^_^ 

About the Cel: Cel is shellacked to the sketch in pretty good condition for a cel of its age. There is the typical line fading in the warmer colors. The shadow on the floor where his head is resting was airbrushed on the acetate and has no damage which is rare when airbrushing is on cels so far *knock on wood* I have been lucky in that respect. 
  1. Cel
  2. Screenshot