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Realization - Kouryuu
Copy Layout, Original BG, and Screenshot
The Scene: Kouryuu is running from some bandits, I would say he's about 10 or 11? He's run away from the temple, this shot is of him realizing he is about to be raped by the lead bandit.

Why? Well for one it was part of a set of 15 cuts of backgrounds I bought off of Mandarake. Only 3 of the cuts were actually scanned. This was not one of them. I do however love the shocked realization on his face as he is realizing what is about to happen to him.

About the Layout: The cuts all came stuffed in one bag together. I must have removed a mountain of tape from each sketch that was attached to a background and in some cases several sketches attached to each background. This particular layout is a photocopy with corrections and shadings written all over it. Someday I would love to comission someone to translate all the little handwritten notes on these sets. 
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