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Rei did you finally kiss Yuuichiro? ...*sweatdrop* - Minako & Makoto - Episode 45 
The Sailor Warriors Die! The Tragic Final Battle
Sērā Senshi shisu! Hisō naru saishūsen

Air Date: 
February 20, 1993

Animation Director: Itou Ikuko

The Scene: The girls have all met at the temple before the final battle of season and Usagi sneaks up to Rei and asks her is she has kissed Yuuchiro yet? This is the Mako and Minako's reactions... LOL

Why? Christmas present! I love it when I get free stuff :) However it is something that I would purchase for myself ;)

About the Cel: Typical first season line fading, their expressions are pretty hysterical. No matching sketch, and not key but it is the second cel in the sequence so it was a pain and half to get the correct screen shot. 
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