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In My Dreams...

Remembrance - The Song - Episode 46 
Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
Sakura and the Last Judgement
Sakura to saigo no shinban 
Air Date: June 22, 1999
Animation Director:  Hasebe Atsushi
The Scene: Sakura has just gone through an entire day of a world without the one you love. She is completely freaked out and depressed, and then she hears The Song and the backgrounds change and the world becomes a better place, because the cards have not forgotten her. 

Why?: I love this scene, I just need a matching Sakura ^_^ It just gives me tinglys. The world without the one you love is just so sad and everything seems so empty from that first episode, it just makes me want to cry. When The Song starts singing to wake Sakura from the spell it's VERY moving.

About the Cel: One of the 8 I was able to collect from another collector's offer period. The cel did not come with a background but it doesn't really matter because the background in the screen shot is a basic black. ^_^ The cel is in excellent condition and a key cel on top of it. 
  1. Cel
  2. Douga
  3. Screenshot