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Resources and Helpful Information About Collecting

Some resources that will be helpful as you start your own collecting journey, I want to include more helpful resources, but am unsure of what I should add next.  If anyone has any suggestions feel free to reach out to me anytime!  ^_^

Where can I buy production art, and where can I get help?

Animation Production Art Terminology

Friends, Acquaintances, and Some Fine Artwork 

A Short Dictionary of terms used all over this site in reference to the art within.  Pulled from my Cel Collecting Panel it is a quick refresher of the types of art and how they relate to the process of traditional animation.
Links to friends and acquaintances Cel Galleries, there are some fine collections here.  It is also nice to see another collector's perspective.
Go to this section of the site for the 6 most helpful places to acquire Production Art as well as ask questions from the community of Cel Collectors, active right now.