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Sacrifice, B8 Douga - Yue and Toya
Douga and Screenshot
  1. Douga
  2. Screenshot
The Scene: This is from the beginning of the sequence after the power transfer. Toya has just given all his power up to Yue, and is ready to pass out, but not before giving all the fangirls a case of the squees!

Why?: Funny story when I first started collecting I used to own one much like this from early in the sequence. Of these important Bcels. I do believe at the time I sold it to gather funds for the ultimate cel from this sequence which I have now owned for over ten years now. When I made the decision to stop selling, and hold it was around 2007. So now ten years later we come full circle, I am once again able to add a piece from early on in the sequence... ^-^ Also this was another won in the three weeks of doom... @[email protected]

About the Sketch: This piece also has some paint on it in Toya and Yue's hair as well as on Yue's wing. The hair paint looks like the paint that comes off when you remove a sketch, the green paint however looks more like the painter used the sketch to dab some excess paint off, it's not as bad as some I have seen but pretty interesting nonetheless.