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Sailor Jupiter/Kino Makoto Hanken - SMR Season 
Cel, Background, Certificate, and Calendar
My usual write up format will prolly not work for this piece. In summer 2015, Mandarake's Big Web Auction was dedicated to Sailor Moon. And what a BWA it was there were some amazing pieces up, a Winged Serenity, Black Lady and Diamondo on the Throne, a Saturn vs. Nehelenia. 

And to top it all off a complete Hanken set from a school year calendar from 1993-1994, Jupiter/Makoto was the image for the months of June and July. The other Hankens from the same calendar with a similar theme were the matching Mars, Venus, Moon, and Mercury. I also found out after some research that the Hankens were also used on Telephone cards as well. It will be fun to look for the original source material to compare them ^_^;;

Anywho, I digress... When I saw the Jupiter I just about died, in the ten+ years of collecting I had never seen a Jupiter Hanken by herself. The hankens always included another scout so most of the time I was like... meh... But this time I was on a mission! 

So after a very stressful night of freaking out, while Cutiebunny calmed me down over text message, she was finally mine! It is very beautiful in person and the scans really do not do it justice. The BG is non-stuck which was a surprise but the piece of plastic that was separating them was dirty. So I scanned her then put the bg in a separate bag as well. The lines are really good on this piece absolutely no line fading which is super exciting. However for some reason the cel was taped to the bg so I removed the tape VERY carefully with no issues, but it prolly explains why the top of the bag I removed the piece from was sticky. Something about those Toei bags they are disgusting!

Another note, this is from the auction listing:

(item number) 1159
(title) Sailor Moon hanken cel.
(author) Animation: Ikuko Ito
(size) 335 × 277mm
(side note) With Guarantee Certificate
(Character) Jupiter / Sailor Jupiter
(starting bid price) 60,000 yen

Let's just say it went higher ^_^;;

The Author or Animator who drew the source material for this piece was Ikuko Ito-sensei... She is one of the original Animation Directors for Sailor Moon, famous for directing some of the loveliest animation in Sailor Moon, Episode 45, 55 (One of my favorites! Although a minor episode...), 125, and 166... There were more, but her body of work is some of the most respected in Sailor Moon. She also has a way of drawing Jupiter, that I think brings out the best in her features. If you look real closely she adds a lot more curl to her hair, that is usually lost with other directors, and she also adds a lot more detail to the eyes, which I adore. 
  1. Hanken
  2. Background
  3. Certificate
  4. Calendar