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Sailor Moon Stars

Sailor Moon Stars, bar none is a great season of Sailor Moon and most people's favorite season. However, not mine, I think it has shown in my collection, although that might have something to do with the overall prices when it comes to Stars. They have been coming down so I have been able to add some nice pieces here and there. So it is not so bare as it used to be.
I'm not sure most people care about why Stars is not my favorite, but I'll share anyway. I've felt that a lot of Stars was slightly overrated, yes, SuperS diverged from the Manga, but Stars destroyed the mythology of the Manga. Chibi-Chibi for one is not a starseed she is Cosmos, who is completely glossed over in the anime. Some great characters got written out, Sailor Lethe and Mnemosyne, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion. My favorite line in the Stars manga comes from Heavy Metal Papillion, "These butterflies are the last flames of the stars. The funeral procession of the butterflies scatters across the galaxy, with never an interruption."
So maybe I am a little undewhelmed, by the lack of poetry... However there are still pieces that I would like to get a hold of, however my gallery does not present the very best of this season... So please take a look, and if anyone has any suggestions I love to give kudos where kudos is due, if you have an epic Stars collection send a link I will link it up.