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Sailor V... Chocolate? - Makoto - Episode 100 
Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
  1. Screenshot
  2. Cel
  3. Douga
Retire from the Sailor Guardians!? Minako's Concerns
Sērā Senshi wo yametai!? Minako no nayami

Air Date: 
June 25, 1994

Animation Director: Mari Tominaga
The Scene: This is mostly a Venus episode not a wishlist or anything crazy like that but this scene just cracks me up! Minako is upset because she can't do the things normal girls can do. And for the girls study sessions she buys them Sailor V energy drinks and diet chocolate!! This is the cel of Makoto opening her chocolatey gift. :)

Why?: Well I just got my tax return in, and it was super cute and I couldn't help myself. :) It also came in under the price of the sequence mate that has been floating around EBAY on rotation. I love it when sequence mates show up at around the same time! :)

About the Cel: Typical first season line fading of course. Lovely matching sketch :) The background does not match, however it is shellacked the cel. I won't remove unless bleeding becomes an issue.

Special Thanks: To my lil Tissy! She ID'd the cel and took the lovely screenshot! :)